Graham Roskell was a 65 year old husband, father and grandfather who went missing from Harrogate Hospital on 3rd November 2012. He was being treated for an infection which had reached his brain, and caused confusion and disorientation. A huge search involving police specialist search teams, underwater search teams, helicopters, mountain rescue volunteers, specially trained dogs, international rescue corps volunteers, and hundreds of members of the public took place, sadly to no avail.

On 14th November 2012, two men were out shooting in a field near Wetherby. A bullet clipped a rabbit, which ran off into a small woodland. The men followed the rabbit and as a result, discovered the body of Graham Roskell. It was a tragic discovery which affected a whole community. This ended the search for Graham and the torment of not knowing where he was, for his family.

Since Graham’s death, the community have continued to pull together and support Graham’s family and his beliefs about enjoying and preserving the countryside. His family have been flooded with messages of support and many asked how they could do something to honour Graham’s memory – including those who had never even met him.

This website was initially a central location for information on the search to find Graham. Now, you can access information on the woodland that has been planted in memory of this incredible man. It also contains information on other ways some good can come out of such a tragedy, including meeting up with others to enjoy your local countryside as many did whilst searching for Graham.